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  • Posted by admin on August 3, 2015

Probably the biggest tourist attraction in Belgrade, which isn’t cultural or historic monument, is famous Ada Ciganlija. Ada Ciganlija or “Belgrade sea” as some may call it, is main attraction and hit place for every summer in Belgrade, where enormous amount of visitors from Serbia and tourists from all across the world, come to enjoy on Ada beach and refreshing swim in Savsko jezero (Sava lake), or to rent a bike at Ada and check out sport facilities available here. Many of them come to try out extreme sports that are available at Ada Ciganlija or eventually to enjoy in amazing night out at popular Ada bars and night clubs at Ada Ciganlija.

Even though you won’t find no sea in Serbia, Serbia is actually very rich with water. Knowing that fact, and the fact that Belgrade is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, it becomes clear that Belgrade has a lot of fresh water and beautiful nature too. Ada Ciganlija is actually long island in the Sava river, which was used in 1960’s to make beautiful peninsula and artificial lake – Sava lake. Sava lake has the biggest tourist potential as an popular picnic location in Belgrade, great destination for sport activities and recreation, and of course as the most popular place to swim in Belgrade.

When the road takes you to Belgrade and Downtown Central Hostel, great idea would be to spend at least one day at Ada Ciganlija. Use this day to take a swim at Ada lake, to relax with casual bicycle ride or to take a drink at the finest restaurants, cafes and bars at Ada Ciganlija. Main advantage of Ada Ciganlija is its location, since Ada is located only 5 km from Belgrade’s downtown and of course from Downtown Central Hostel. There’s even a bicycle road from Belgrade’s downtown to Ada Ciganlija.

Downtown Central Hostel gives you tips and advices about Ada Ciganlija, like what to do at Ada, where is Ada Ciganlija located in Belgrade and how to get to Ada Ciganlija.

What to do at Ada Ciganlija

#1 – Take a swim at Ada lake and enjoy the beach

Ada Ciganlija is rich with amazing nature, so it’s no surprise that it is the favourite “picnic” and “vacation” place in Belgrade during summer, for many Belgrade citizens, whom hot Belgrade days inspire to look for some refreshment and a little break. Sava lake (Ada Ciganlija) has a rectangular shape, and from each side is bordered by pebble beaches, where are a lot of café beach bars with sunbeds and sunshades. These sunbeds at Ada are free for use, and the only thing you should do is to order a beverage and you can spend whole day enjoying beautiful environment and refreshing lake. There are two sides, Makiš Ada side (left side, first that you run into), and the other side across, New Belgrade Ada side. Both of these have a numerous beach café bars, and the right, New Belgrade side, has sports fields and facilities and many different recreational facilities on the ground. Nudist beach is located at the end of Ada, on the New Belgrade side.

#2 – Rent a bike, rollerblades and pedal boats

One from the first recreational activities at Ada was bike and rollerblades rental, and you can still pick these activities at Ada. In Belgrade, we have direct bicycle path from center of Belgrade to Ada, that passes by Sava river and Train station and continues with circle around Ada, and this path is 8 km long. Regarding that many people don’t have their own bike, there is a favorable rental at Ada, on its New Belgrade side or at Dorćol. You can rent a bike hourly or for a whole day (around 400 RSD). In any case, it is more profitable to rent a bike for a day, so you can manage your activities at Ada how you want. Also, you can rent pedal boats at the beginning of New Belgrade Ada side.

#3 – Sport terrains, mini golf and golf terrains at Ada Ciganlija

Sports fields at Ada are numerous, and there are football fields, basketball fields, tennis courts and many others.

Fun for all generations is always interesting mini-golf, that you can play on several mini-golf courts at Ada Ciganlija. Mini-golf courts are placed in shade, in the middle of Ada on New Belgrade side, while in the close area nearby are placed arranged golf courts that guarantee peace and relaxation.

Vožnja bicikla na Adi

#4 – Ada Safari

Like we said, Ada Ciganlija offers various outdoor activities, so if there’s anyone who would like to try fishing in beautiful nature, Ada Safari lake is the best choice for them. Besides main, Sava lake, that is used for bathing and as refreshment from the heat, New Belgrade side offers one more unique activity for all visitors. We’re talking about fishing at settled, full of fish and gorgeous lake, Ada Safari, whit square of 6 ha. Next to it, there is a restaurant “Opušteno” where You can refresh yourself. It is necessary to book your fishing place!

Ada safari

#5 – Bungee jumping, waterskiing and paintball at Ada

Ada is not an ordinary place where you will come for bath during summer. Ada offers various excitement for those who find bathing boring. Extreme sports like Bungee Jumping at Ada, or for example water skiing at Ada are activities that set aside Ada from other tourist attractions in Belgrade. Bungee Jumping ramp can’t be missed on New Belgrade side, and at the end of Ada on the Makiš side, across the hidden nudist beach, you can try out water skiing. Also, there is a hidden paintball polygon at Ada, placed in the forest on the New Belgrade side.

The most popular cafés, bars and night clubs at Ada Ciganlija

It is very hard to tell which cafés are the best at Ada, mainly because it pretty much depends on personal taste. Somebody will like one bar, somebody else another, so the best solution is to list the most popular cafés, bars and clubs. Well-known places on Makiš Ada side: Time Out, Havana, Petica, Red Shoes, Sunset, Bikini Bar and others, and on the other, New Begrade side, there are: Kafe 23, Druga kuća, Brod… Besides these cafés and bars, there are different restaurants like legendary restaurant Jezero. These mentioned bars and cafés become popular night clubs in the evening, so good idea is to visit Ada at night if You are looking for memorable night out in Belgrade. You can also visit Ada at night if You want romantic night or walk.

Where is Ada located and how to get to Ada?

Ada Ciganlija is in Rakovica community. It is close to Belgrade Fair and New Ada Bridge. It is not hard to get to Ada from pretty much every place in Belgrade, but the easiest is from Banovo Brdo. Anyway, the most important is how to come to Ada from center of Belgrade and how to come from Ada to Downtown Central Hostel.

Regarding that Downtown Central Hostel is in the center of Belgrade, the fastest way to get to Ada is through Zeleni venac, bus station and starting point for many different bus lines. From Downtown Central Hostel, You should walk by Terazije Fountain and Hotel Moskva downhill Prizrenska street (3 minutes by foot) to get to Zeleni venac. And when you enter Zeleni venac starting point for buses you can enter: 52, 53, 56, 56L to get to Ada. You get off at the first station after you pass under New Ada Bridge.

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