Avala tower – more than an architecture and history near Belgrade

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Avala is an oasis of peace near Belgrade that people like to visit, so they can escape there fast city life, inhale some fresh mountain air and take a break. You can find animation in base of the mountain, there is a park with teeters and swings for children and for some that feel like that, and there are some wooden tables with eaves for grown ups, they can use for picnicking. Lots of fresh air and nature, not so far from the Belgrade. You can get to the top of a mountain by car or if you like to break a sweat you can use a trail that leads to the top. Also you can Rent a bike in Belgrade, that is a harder way of transport, and someone who likes to bike will get such a fulfilling feeling when he reaches the top. At the top you can get some rest in nearby restaurant “Čarapićev Brest” or even stay the night because “Čarapićev Brest” is also a hotel. If you like to take a rest and also have a great view, you should definitely go to the Avala tower café, that works from 9 to 17 o’clock. Tickets for the tower cost 200 dinars, and if you go to school or collage and have your school ID with you, tickets cost 100 dinars. Pensioners are also paying 100 dinars for tickets.

How to reach the Avala Tower

The top of Avala you can reach by car, but there are some buses that can take you to the Avala as well. You can go to the top by the bus that has number 400, it starts it’s route at Trošarina. From Trošarina to the top is 20 minute ride. Bus with number 400 starts it’s season first of May. To the base of the mountain you can get by buses with numbers 401, 403, 405, 407 and 408, they all start there route at Trošarina, and by buses with numbers  450, 451, 466, 470, 474 i 491 and they are all „Lasta“ buses that start there route at Lasta’s main station. Typically every summer there is route  „From citys hart to the Avala“ (’Iz srca grada do Avale“). It is open top double decker „Lasta“ bus that drives you to the top of Avala and it starts it’s route at „Nikola Pašić square” (Trg Nikole Pašića“).

Planina Avala i pogled na Avalski toranj

Avala tower – construction and demolition

First construction of the tower lasted from 1961. to the 1964. and it was open for a public in 1965. It was only tower in the world that had a equilateral triangle in the section. Tower had a three pillars that symbolize old Serbian three legged stool (“tronožac”). It was tallest and the only modern, TV and radio, transmitter in Europe with it’s tallest point at 202.87 meters. It soon became a big attraction for all tourists that came to Belgrade. At the height of 118 meters there was a restaurant but it was closed in 1970. Unfortunately it was destroyed by NATO aggressors in 1999. bombing of Serbia.

New Avala tower was built 24th of October 2009. and mountain got its old shine back, it was open  of April 2010. New Tower didn’t change its shape but it got higher by 2 meters, and new height was 204.57 meters. It has a two elevators that can take you to the café or to the viewpoint. At the height of 119 meters there is café, and a viewpoint is 3 meters up. From a viewpoint you can see plane over Danube and Sava rivers, Šumadija, and ofcourse panorama of Belgrade. Unlike old tower a new one is automated and it is just like smart  building. New tower has sensores that can detect tilting of a tower and sound the alarm if tower tilts more then it should.

Vidikovac na Avalskom tornju, pogled na Šumadiju

History of Avala

Avala tower is located on the Avala (511m) mountain, and it is 15 kilometers from Belgrade. It got its name „Avali“ in the 14th century, and in Arabic language means naked hill. On the top of Avala, in middle Ages, there was a little town Žrnov, that was taken over by Turks in 15th century, and it was a abandoned in 18th century. Avala has been protected since 1859 as a “Monument of Nature” by Serbian government. In place of Žrnov „Monument to the Unknown Hero“ was built in 1934. it was dedicated to all serbian heroes that participated in World War I. In 1947. Avala was declared „National Park“, and in 2007. its was declared “Public Property of General Benefit”. There are two more monuments on the mountain, one was dedicated to Vasa Čarapić Serbian hero that fought in war against Turkey, and another monument was dedicated to Russian war veterans who have suffered plane crash on Avala 1964.

Spomenik neznanog junaka na Avali

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