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If you still didn’t find good enough reason to travel to Belgrade, the biggest beer festival in the Balkans – Belgrade Beer Fest, could solve that problem and give you propper answer to the question – „Why to visit Belgrade?“.

Even its name, Belgrade Beer Fest, gives not one but few good excuses to take a break and go to Belgrade this summer, to spend few quality days at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, where Belgrade Beer Fest takes place. Here, you can try different types of beer which are presented by many world known, famous breweries, local Serbian breweries and those that are waiting to be descovered. Beer itself should be enough, but Serbians love music, so besides good beer, you can add up some excellent background music which is performed live, every year on Belgrade Beer Fest, by amazing bands and music groups from Serbia and Balkans, with a little help of world known pop rock music performers. So, what are you waiting for?

Belgrade Beer Fest 2015 program

What is Belgrade Beer Fest all about?

Belgrade Beer Fest is the biggest festival in Belgrade, and the greatest music festival in Balkans with beer theme. It is traditionally held at Sava and Danube confluence, for over a decade. First of many Belgrade Beer festivals took place bellow Belgrade fortress, just to be transferred on the other side of the Sava river, at Ušće park. Traditional free entrance at Belgrade Beer Fest is additional motive for many visitors from Serbia, region and world wide to come, and even if that’s not enough, quality of Belgrade Beer Fest is prooved by famous British magazine – The Independent, which marked Belgrade Beer Fest as one of the top 20 world events you should visit. What’s even better is that this action took place 10 years ago, when Belgrade Beer Fest was at its beginings and developing process.

Each year, Ušće park is packed with enormous amount of visitors, nearly 6.700.000 of them for over 12 years, who come to Belgrade to enjoy in large selection of beers, almost 200 brands of beer and various beer types. You should definitely look for quality music line-up at Belgrade Beer Fest, which starts every day of festival at 18 – 19h PM, and lasts till early morning hours. Beer stands are placed around the center area and in the middle of it, and of course in front of the main and the only stage at Belgrade Beer Fest. Behind beer stands, there are food stands where you can get something to eat and prepare yourself for new round of beer exploring.

Location of Belgrade Beer Fest and how to get to Belgrade Beer Fest?

Key information you need to know:

#1 – Best accomodation in Belgrade during Belgrade Beer Fest?

Even tough Belgrade Beer Fest is located outside of Belgrade’s downtown, we recommend you to get accommodation in Belgrade’s center, so you could get the first advantage – good position, which Downtown Central Hostel provides. Hostel in Belgrade’s downtown provides good position for Belgrade exploring, and most importantly – fact that you can easily go to Belgrade Beer Fest, with easy way back to your accommodation. Downtown Central Hostel is located in Kolarčeva 7, right across Terazijska česma, and just 20 meters from main pedestrian zone – Knez Mihailova street. Belgrade Beer Fest is only 2 bus stops away from Downtown Central Hostel, across the Sava river and Brankov bridge.

#2 – Where is Belgrade Beer Fest located?

Belgrade Beer Fest is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers (Ušće Save u Dunav), in the New Belgrade (new part of city, across the Sava river), only 2 bus stations from Belgrade’s downtown. Ušće (the river confluence) is easily reachable from any part of town, whether you’re coming from New Belgrade, Zemun or old part of Belgrade, whether you’re coming from Belgrade’s downtown.

#3 – How to get to Belgrade Beer Fest from Belgrade’s downtown?

If you’re staying at Downtown Central Hostel, you’ll need to go across Terazije to Zeleni venac (about 2 minutes by foot), where you’ll find bus station directed towards New Belgrade. From Zeleni venac and that exact bus station, there are 4 bus lines which can take you to Belgrade Beer Fest: 16, 65, 77 and 95. When you cross the Brankov bridge, buses 16, 66 and 77 are still headed straight, while bus number 95 turns left. Anyway, you need to get of the bus on the first bus station (bus stop) after crossing the Brankov Bridge. From those bus stations, you should go back to the intersection you drove by few meters back, and from there you can easily find the Belgrade Beer Fest field, by following long lines of other people which are rushing towards it.

Beer Fest party

What to do at Belgrade Beer Fest?

Try out various beer brands and different types of beer. Most famous beer brands from Serbia and region are: Zaječarsko pivo, Jelen pivo (Jelen Fresh fruit beer), Lav pivo (Lav Twist fruit beer), Dunđerski pivo, Nikšićko pivo (light and dark) etc. There are also world famous beer brands like: Tuborg, Beck’s, Heineken, Amstel, Bavaria, Erdinger, Paulaner, Guinness and many other German breweries, Irish beers, Belgian beers and Russian breweries, and many other smaller breweries.

Listen to amazing music and great band support at Belgrade Beer Fest, where traditionally, local pop, rock bands like Bajaga i Instruktori, Riblja Čorba, Orthodox Celts, Partybreakers perform. For those who like sounds of tambura, there are Legende and Zvonko Bogdan, but many other pop performers such as Kiki Lesendrić i Piloti. Besides pop, rock, folk, house and other types of music, Belgrade Beer Fest always finds room for hip hop, funk, soul etc. Famous, world known music stars are always there too, like CeeLo Gren was, at Belgrade Beer Fest 2014.

Check out local Serbian fast food specialties, which you can find on numerous stands, and try yourself in traditional beer drinking contest at Belgrade Beer Fest, or try out amusement park in the back.

Belgrade Beer Fest is organized every august, and Belgrade Beer Fest 2015. is scheduled for 19. – 23. August 2015.

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